The new website is here! The new website is here!

Oberlin’s new website, under development for many months, launches on May 31. You’ll notice a new home page; an updated, mobile-friendly design; new top-level pages featuring the areas of study in the college and the conservatory; and more. We’ll be rolling out the new site in phases, so there’s a lot more to come.

We appreciate your patience as we seek out and fix the inevitable hiccups that come with a launch of this magnitude. If you run into any problems, please let us know at

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How can I add content to my faculty page? thank you! And congratulations!

Ann Sherif

I am looking for the free plays. May I be told where to look, please

Sandra Schmidt

Hi, I am just surfing the new Oberlin website. And I realized that I cannot find a section called Classfield, which used to be a place for people pose their advertisements on the old Oberlin website and it helped me a lot. So I am wondering whether it is going to be kept in this new website? Thank you.

Yaxiong Chen

I have just learned that my great granddaughter will going to your school on August 20, 2017. Her name is Caeli Massey. Take good care of her. Great-grandpa.

Rev. Richard Reece

Hi. The link is missing for violin audition dates for 2018. Thank you.


No more classifieds???

Jim Schultz

When zooming in on photos for increased ambiance understanding, the headers & other title bars rob the photo area of appropriate space.


Yikes - I can’t find the link to the webcasts! But I’ll keep looking.

Kathie Bracy ‘59

Hi, Great job! Huge accomplishment. How do I find the Creativity and Leadership pages? I changed my picture and bio today (had bookmarked the link to the edit section)…but can’t find any of the content on the new website. Thank you.

Bara Watts

Where does one find the Calendar of Events? Formerly, one could pick a day on a calendar for a month and find a listing of educational, social, sports, entertainment events. Where is it now? Thank you.

Robert Randel