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Hi, Oberlin! My name’s Darby (he/his/him), and I’m the newest member of the webteam. I joined in January as a web designer/developer, which basically means I nerd hard on turning cool ideas into usable things through code. Current turn-ons include:

  • Semantic, minimalistic HTML;
  • CSS and just-the-right-amounts of Sass;
  • JavaScript (its good bits, its bad bits);
  • Progressive design;
  • Responsive design;
  • Animation and interactivity;
  • Trying to figure out how the previous six items can all play nice together;
  • Drupal (advanced theming; basic module development; wondering when the heck I’m going to finally get around to learning how to make Drupal 8 tick);
  • Adobe XD (I’ve been on a bit of a wireframe bender lately);
  • Sublime Text (for basically the longest time I was die-hard Spacegray theme with slightly tweaked Base16 color schemes, but I just recently switched over to a lightly modded amCoder theme, because why not, right?); and,
  • Picking up enough Python so I can maybe finally get around to making those Raspberry Pi robot parts I’ve got sitting on my desk at home do some robot-like stuff.

Outside of the web, my world is my girlfriend and our one-year-old son (who just took his first steps, awwwwwwwwww), my ponderously out-of-control to-be-read book piles (I just finally finished off the Gormenghast trilogy, which was slow and weird and fantastic), trying not to forget how to ride a bike or work a sketchbook, and occasionally trying to beat my high scores on Lumines.

Working at Oberlin has been great so far, though I’ve learned fast that I will never be able to care as much about this school as do its students or its alumni. Which is awesome. What I can do is care as much or more about the web as anyone else in the business—how it works, what it can stand for—and try to share that excitement any chance I get. So bear with me as I struggle to get over this whole “writing is hard” thing (I’m a lapsed writer, so I know, oh, do I know) and try to start pulling together some occasional words about things that make me go “Ooo” and “Eww.” And, in the meantime, you can find me on Twitter (@darby3), which I’m mostly bad at, but where, once in a blue moon, I do manage to find exactly the right gif for the moment.

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Welcome. Glad you are part of the team!