Class Acts

You’ve probably seen the television commercials that involve children taking on the roles and responsibilities of an adult. So when Amanda Nagy, assistant to the director of media relations, suggested we use children as a theme for our April Fools home page, I immediately thought of the Subaru commercial. After sharing the video clip with others on staff, it didn’t take long for the ideas and scenarios to emerge.

In previous years, the Nyan squirrel, kittens, sketches, and alternative energy took over the home page. We’ve tried to have fun and aim for clever themes that would be perceived as an obvious joke.

The project took about two weeks to execute, including about three days to plan, identify, and secure locations, gather props, contact potential participants, and gain appropriate approvals, and about a week to shoot and process the art, rewrite content, and swap out the current home page with the special edition.

We want to give a huge shout-out to the following individuals, college staff, and parents and guardians for their support, participation, and flexibility, and for allowing us to photograph their adorable and cooperative children as part of the Class of 2033. They needed little direction or prompting and came to each location full of enthusiasm and inquiry, just like a true Oberlin student.

  • Yvonne Gay, Office of Communications
  • Amanda Nagy, Office of Communications
  • Kasey Cheydleur, Office of Communications
  • Jason Williams ’05 and Arisa Williams ’06, Office of Communications (three children)
  • Spring STEM Camp, Get with the Program
  • Oberlin College Webteam
  • Eric Cowley, Finney Chapel facilities manager
  • Meredith Gadsby and Charles Peterson (three children)
  • Cortland Hill, instructor and lab manager for chemistry/biochemistry department
  • Clif Barnes, Office of Safety and Security
  • Creg Jantz, senior associate director of athletics
  • Ben Hobbs, A.J. Lewis Center manager and community outreach coordinator
  • Jennifer Manna, photographer (son)
  • Tracie Pendolino (daughter)
  • Martin Adelman (son)
  • Emerald Langdon (son)
  • Joo Won Park (son)
  • Drew Wilburn and Maureen Peters (two children)
  • Jason Hudson (two children)
  • Kasia Karapuda, investment analyst, Investment (daughter)
  • Dale Preston ’83, photographer
  • Li-Jen Chen and Karina Abolina (daughter)
  • Nick Petzak, Fellowships & Awards, and Jennifer Bryan, English department (daughter)
  • Gavin Tritt, Oberlin Shansi, and Julie Min, Oberlin College Strategic Plan (two children)
  • Willis Okech, history department, and Christine Okech (three children)
  • Dave Rucker and Anne Rucker (child)
  • Todd Martz and Pradnya Martz (son)

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Wonderful job! This was a great way to start my day. So precious.

Jessica Ford

So adorable! Thank you!

Milda Scott

This is adorable but nothing beats Meowberlin from a few years ago :)

Samantha Schreiber