CMS Upgrade Has New Platform

In mid December, just before winter shutdown, the Webteam deployed a systemwide upgrade to the college’s content management system known as dotCMS. We moved from 2.5.4 to 3.2.4 to coincide with dotCMS updates and support. While this upgrade has improved the software and functionality, it did not address issues with templates or responsive design.

Additionally, the upgrade has presented users with a slightly new editing platform. Web services manager Arisa Williams has outlined what’s new in dotCMS 3.2.4 that will assist you as you familiarize yourself with the newer platform and terminology.

A few reminders:

Please log in to with your OCMail username and password. If you have recently changed your password via CIT, please use the new password. The dotCMS does not create or modify login credentials.

With this upgrade, users can now add Firefox to the list of browsers compatible with the system. Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer remain viable browsers for Mac and PC systems.

Contact us at with any questions or problems you may encounter as you work in this version of the dotCMS. We will offer training in the coming weeks to further assist you.

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