Social Content Distribution in Action: All Our Worlds

I’ve written in the past about the long tail of content production and distribution here on the webteam blog, but I realized I’ve never actually shown what it looks like in action! Here is a recent breakdown of where and what we distributed surrounding a story about a very cool student project.

To start, we regularly share content on seven social media platforms:

  • Oberlin College on Facebook
  • Oberlin College on Twitter
  • Oberlin College on Tumblr
  • Oberlin College on G+
  • Oberlin College on LinkedIn
  • Oberlin College on Pinterest
  • Oberlin College on Instagram

With all of these different social media presences, we tend to share similar content on each of them regularly: this keeps our platforms aligned and acknowledging of the rest of the work we’re doing online rather than each marching to the beat of a different drum. Together, we aim to sing the same tune, but some days are more about harmony than volume.

The harmony days are my favorites. When we have a really stunning story with a lot of moving parts that all work on their own and together, it makes the distribution of this story on all platforms easier, more beautiful, and more engaging in each of these spaces. Ideally, using strengths of each of these platforms makes our stories live nicely in one place for one audience, but if you happen to see our story in more than one place, each piece works together nicely. (Our audience is everywhere. We want to make sure that what they see there makes sense in general but also makes sense for where they’re spending time today.)

Our modular storytelling example in this post is for a winter term project created by Kate Diamond ‘17. Over January, she organized a database called All Our Worlds, which catalogs diverse scifi and fantasy literature, and then she proposed 100 books to the Oberlin library for purchase. We latched onto this story after a tweet got it on our radar and we did a partnering video-and-article story like last year’s Tappin’ in Tappan story. When we featured it on our homepage on March 30 and 31, it began the domino effect of sharing this story on our main social media sites.

Here are all the pieces of content we had as a part of this story:

  • A story (filled with excellent quotes).
  • A video.
  • A video trailer.
  • Four animated gifs.
  • Photos, of both Kate and of some of the books.

That’s a lot of great stuff, right? Right! When we distributed the story of All Our Worlds on our social media platforms, it looked a little something like this:


  • Video trailer
  • Quote
  • Links to the story, the full video, and the database

Facebook post in action.


  • Quote
  • Link to the story
  • One animated gif

Twitter post in action.


  • Four animated gifs
  • Quote
  • Links to the story, the full video, and the database

Tumblr post in action.


  • Four animated gifs
  • Quote
  • Links to the story, the full video, and the database

G+ post in action.


  • Quote
  • Link to the story, the full video, and the database

LinkedIn post in action.


  • Homepage hero image
  • Link to the full video

Pinterest post in action.


  • Video trailer
  • Quote
  • Short link to our Youtube channel

Instagram post in action.

Kate’s story is excellent all on its own, but with all these different media pieces, we were able to share the amazing work she’s done in the best way possible for each of our distribution platforms. Note: at the time of writing this post, we shared only a few hours ago, and I can’t wait to see where this story goes over the next few days!

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