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Photo by Yevhen Gulenko

MacArthur Fellow and Founder of the Equal Justice Institute Bryan Stevenson approaches the podium in Finney Chapel. Stevenson kicked off the 2015-16 Convocation series on September 9.

Photo by Yevhen Gulenko

Marcos Madrigal, representing the International Piano Academy Lake Como, performs on September 27 in the first concert of the 2015-16 Artist Recital Series. The evening also included performances by Alessandro Deljavan and Ran Jia and celebrated the Conservatory of Music’s new partnership with Lake Como.

Photo by Yevhen Gulenko

Author Zadie Smith continues the 2015-16 Convocation Series with her talk, Why Write?: Creativity and Refusal if you want to add it in. on September 29.

Photo by Zach Christy

Oberlin Theater performs Wedding Band, which tells the story of a secret interracial relationship between an African American woman and her German American suitor set in South Carolina during the first world war and an influenza outbreak.

Photo by John Seyfried

Dance Diaspora performs Horace Silver: Song For My Father & Other Matters Pertaining To The Heart October 2 and 3 in Warner Main Space. See more photos on the Source.

Photo by Yevhen Gulenko

Investigative journalist and author Sonia Shah ’90 delivers her talk Pandemic: Tracking Contagions from Cholera to Ebola and Beyond on October 27 in Finney Chapel.

Photo by Yevhen Gulenko

Violinist Christian Tetzlaff teaches a guest master class in the David H. Stull Recital Hall on October 31. Tetzlaff performed the previous evening in Finney Chapel as part of the Artist Recital Series.

Photo by Yevhen Gulenko

Martine Rothblatt thanks the audience for its applause following her convocation on November 5 in Finney Chapel.

Photo by Yevhen Gulenko

Opera Theater performs The Rape of Lucretia, directed by Jonathon Field and conducted by Timothy Weiss, November 11, 13, 14, and 15. The production was augmented by programs designed to help audiences contextualize the opera’s content from a variety of perspectives.

Photo by John Seyfried

Gabrielle (Teddy) Ment performs New Light in the annual Fall Forward dance showcase on November 13 and 14. See the Dance at Oberlin Facebook page for more photos from this event.

Fall 2015 Arts Guide in Review

Jan. 5, 2016

From forward-thinking writers and doers and world-renowned musicians to student actors, dancers, and singers, the speeches and performances that comprised the first half of the 2015-16 Oberlin Arts Guide were ones to remember. Experience the conversations and achievements again by looking through this photo gallery. Not included in this gallery are photographs from the ODC/Dance (formerly Oberlin Dance Collective) Evening Showcase, which took place November 4 in Warner Center.

Arts Guide events resume February 3, 2016, with an Artist Recital Series performance from bass-baritone John Relyea and pianist Warren Jones. Visit the Oberlin Arts Guide 2015-2016 webpage to see all upcoming Arts Guide events.

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