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Photo by Dale Preston

35 years left to right: Marvin Krislov, Maryann Stillwell, Catharina Meints, Roberta Garcia, Ron Watts, Diane Lee, Michael Lynn

Photo by Dale Preston

45 years: Eleanor Knapp (center) with Debra Chermonte and President Krislov.

Photo by Dale Preston

40 years, left to right: Michael Rosen, Sanford Margolis, Harlan Wilson, Marvin Krislov

Photo by Dale Preston

30 years left to right: Rob Thompson, Dennis Bescak, Karen Barnes, Leslie Curtis, Cynthia Comer, John Lee, Marvin Krislov

Photo by Dale Preston

25 years, left to right: Julie Weir, Vicki Campbell, Alice Davis, Joseph Romano, Bev Burgess, Ellen Broadwell, Cecilia Robinson, Christine Super, Robin Salter, Laura Policz, Marjorie Burton, Rick Snodgrass, Cleo Lanphere, Tina Zwegat, Eva McFarland, Fred Zwegat, Henry Schmitz, Marvin Krislov.

Photo by Dale Preston

Faculty and staff celebrating milestone anniversaries with the college were honored at the 2012 Service Awards banquet.

Service and Dedication Recognized

April 23, 2012

Faculty and staff celebrating milestone anniversaries—25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 years—with the college were honored at the 2012 Service Awards banquet held April 3.

During his remarks, President Krislov noted how visitors to campus never to fail to note the strength of Oberlin’s programs and the beauty of its campus. "Those programs and this truly beautiful campus didn’t happen by magic." he told the guests of honor.

"They happen because you care about this college, this town, and the people who live, work, and study here. Oberlin’s standing as one of the world’s great colleges relies on the hard work put in year in and year out by hundreds of people doing all kinds of jobs. ... You make Oberlin special. Your ideas, your energy, and your dedication make this college and this town great. Thank you all again for everything you do and have done for Oberlin. "

Not all employees celebrating anniversaries with the college were able to attend the banquet, so not all are pictured in the photos included here. A complete list of faculty and staff honored during the banquet—in person and in absentia—follows:

45 Years

Paul Dawson, Professor, Politics Department
Eleanor Knapp, Departmental Assistant II, Admissions

40 Years

Michael Gaines, Athletic Equipment Attendance I, Athletic Facilities
Gary Koepp, Director, Purchasing and Auxiliary Services
Sanford Margolis, Professor, Division of Keyboard Studies
John Pearson, Young-Hunter Professor, Art Department
Michael Rosen, Professor, Division of Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion
Harlan Wilson, Professor, Politics Department

35 Years

Paula Baymiller, Administrative Assistant, Main Library
David Bechtel, Equipment Technician III, Conservatory Audio Services
Diane Doman, Departmental Secretary II, Physics Department
Roberta Garcia, Departmental Technician I, Office of the Dean of the College
Susan Kane, Professor, Art Department
Diane Lee, Library Assistant III, Library Operations
Michael Lynn, Associate Dean, Conservatory
Catharina Meints, Associate Professor, Division of Strings
Maryann Stillwell, Systems Manager, Admissions
Mike Sutton, Food Service Maintenance Worker, Campus Dining Services
Carol Tufts, Associate Professor, English Department
David Walker, Professor, English Department
Ronald Watts, Vice President for Finance

30 Years

Karen Barnes, Departmental Secretary II, Philosophy Department
C. Christopher Baymiller, Associate Director, Student Union
Dennis Bescak, Laboratory Technician III, Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
Cynthia Comer, Head, Reference & Instruction, Library Operations
Leslie Curtis, Departmental Technician I, Admissions
Gregory Fulkerson, Professor, Division of Strings
John Lee, Equipment Technician III, Media Audio Visual Center
Albert Porterfield, Associate Professor, Psychology Department
Richard Salter, Professor, Computer Science Program
Robert Thompson, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

25 Years

Janet Bethard, Departmental Assistant III, Purchasing and Stores
Ellen Broadwell, Library Technician III, Library Operations
Beverly Burgess, Departmental Secretary III, Environmental Studies
Marjorie Burton, Director, Safety & Security
Vicki Campbell, Coordinative Receptionist II, Admissions
Hassan Christian, Food Service Maintenance Worker, Campus Dining Services
Alice Davis, Administrative Secretary II, Conservatory Admissions
Brian Dostal, Custodian, Custodial Service Center
Philip Highfill, Professor, Division of Keyboard Studies
Steven Huff, Professor, German Language and Literature and Mary Price
Cleo Lanphere, Departmental Assistant I, Office of the Dean of Studies
Patricia McDowell, Grill/Counter/Cashier, Campus Dining Services
Eva McFarland, Custodian, Custodial Service Center
Laura Policz, Office Manager II, Safety & Security
Cecilia Robinson, Library Technician IV, Library Operations
Joseph Romano, Visual Resources Curator, Art Department
Robin Salter, Associate Professor, Biology Department
Henry Schmitz, Food Service Maintenance Worker, Campus Dining Services
John Scofield, Professor, Physics Department
Richard Snodgrass, Institutional Buyer, Purchasing & Stores
Julie Weir, Library Technician III, Library Operations
Frederick Zwegat, Director, Audio Visual Services, Media Audio Visual Center
Tina Zwegat, Associate Director, Student Union

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