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About the Source

The Source is the homepage of Oberlin OnCampus, Oberlin’s website for the internal campus community. The Office of Communications produces the Source and Oberlin OnCampus for Oberlin College faculty and staff members and students.

The Source reports on institutional developments; the achievements of faculty, staff, and students; town-gown news; and events and opportunities on campus and in the surrounding area of interest to Obies.

Campus members should continue to post information about events—upcoming programs, speakers, lectures, and other social activities—to Oberlin's online Events Calendar.

Have a news, photo, or story idea for Oberlin OnCampus?

We welcome your input. Send an e-mail message to the.source@oberlin.edu to let us know what you would like to see more of (or less of) and to submit ideas for stories and opportunities to highlight. Follow these guidelines and deadlines to ensure your idea and or submission receives full consideration:

Hot Topic

10 business days/two weeks prior to publication

A significant event, program, or initiative by the College or a department that affects the entire campus community

General News

10 business days/two weeks prior to publication

An event, program, announcement, or initiative sponsored by the College, a department, group or campus organization that would be of general interest to the campus community or to a specific segment of the campus community.

Photo of the Week

Five business days/one week prior to publication

Can be an image of an event, program, project, group, or individual that highlights the best of Oberlin College values and traditions.

Campus Profile

10 business days/two weeks prior to publication

Profiles are of campus members who would not ordinarily receive public recognition. Profile subjects can be current students or members of the faculty or staff, be they newcomers to the campus community or persons with many years of service.

Want off-campus coverage?

Campus members who believe their event or program warrants attention beyond the campus community should consult with Scott Wargo, director of media relations, at 440-775-8474 or Scott.Wargo@oberlin.edu at least 20 business days/4 weeks before the event or program to enable the media relations team to evaluate and determine appropriate venues and resources for communication and or press coverage.