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Photo by Pang Fei Chiang

Photo of the Week: The students enrolled in the winter-term workshop Blades on Wood: Relief Printmaking for the Strongly Devoted display their work on Friday, January 22, in the South Dome of the Art Department in Willard Court as part of the exhibition Once Upon a Woodblock. The workshop was led by Claudio Orso-Giacone, outreach coordinator for the Apollo Outreach Initiative. Comment »

Oberlin Observes Africana Unity and Celebration Month

This year’s Africana Unity and Celebration Month features a performance of Harriet Tubman: When I Crossed That Line to Freedom, a convocation led by founding member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops Rhiannon Giddens '00, and the symposium Complicated Relationships: Mary Church Terrell’s Legacy for 21st Century Activists.

Photo of the Week

Susan Colley, Editor-Elect of the American Mathematical Monthly

“What I love about mathematics is that it’s not that any technique really ever gets thrown out, it’s that you just keep adding on to those techniques,” says Andrew and Pauline Delaney Professor of Mathematics Susan Colley. “What’s wonderful to me is that even if something becomes less fashionable, it has a way of coming back.” Colley has reduced her teaching commitments this semester as she takes on more responsibility as editor-elect of the American Mathematical Monthly, the flagship journal of the Mathematical Association of America. Read about her election as editor on the News Center.


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