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How to

... post an event to the Events Calendar.

... post a classifieds listing.

... post an OnCampus Bulletin.

... request a graphic banner on the digital signs (TV screens).

How to ... post events to the Events Calendar

Who can post?
All students, faculty, and staff.

Create an account/Log in and contribute

• Logging in to the events calendar is easy. Use your ObieID and password to initially activate your account at calendar.oberlin.edu.
• Once your account is created, you will have access to all of the features and can submit your campus events.

Submission Guidelines

• After you log in, go to “Submit an Event” to complete an event submission form.
• Only post events open to campus members and the general public.
• Event submissions are reviewed for appropriateness, completeness, and grammatical style prior to approval. Approval generally takes place within three business days; incomplete event submissions may take longer.
•You will receive a notification by e-mail once your event is approved and published.

About Those Form Fields

• Complete all the form fields for which you have information.
• Include the event title, location, date and time, cost if applicable, and contact information. For the sake of your audience, be courteous, descriptive, and informative. Try to keep descriptions to one paragraph, but do link to your website for additional information.
• Resist your desire to use all caps. A descriptive title, image, and exciting details will draw the crowd, not capital letters.
• Faculty and staff should use the department drop-down menu to select the name of the academic or administrative department sponsoring the event. Students should use the group drop-down menu to select the name of the student organization sponsoring the event. Should your department, office, or organization name not appear in the list, let us know at webteam@oberlin.edu.

Oberlin College reserves the right to edit or modify event listings for space, clarity, and appropriateness.

How to... post a classifieds listing

Who can post
Anyone, even those without an ObieID

  1. Go to https://classifieds.oberlin.edu, or, from the Oberlin OnCampus website, click on the “Classifieds” tab at the top of the page.
  2. Log in. Oberlin College community members may use their ObieIDs; others must sign up for a guest account.
  3. Select “Add Listing”
  4. Enter text, an image if you have one, and choose the categories in which to include your ad. Yes, you can choose multiple categories.
  5. Click “Save Listing”

How to... post an OnCampus Bulletin

Who can post
Faculty and staff members
Do not add items to both the Events Calendar and to the Bulletins. The Events Calendar is for happenings occurring on a specific date or dates that are open to the students, faculty, and/or staff. Bulletins are notices concerning, for example, deadlines, late breaking news or opportunities for which readers often have just a short amount of time in which to take action, or communications targeted to a portion of the campus community. It may also be appropriate, to post Bulletins to your department, office, or organization webpage on new.oberlin.edu.

  1. Go to https://oncampus.oberlin.edu/admin/.
  2. Log in with your ObieID and password.
  3. Choose “Oncampus Bulletins.”
  4. Choose “Add Oncampus Bulletin.”
  5. Type your bulletin’s title and text in the appropriate boxes.
  6. In the "Tag" field, begin typing the tag(s) for the audience you addressing: "Faculty/Staff," "Students," or both. Select the corresponding tag from the pop-up list. If you want your bulletin to appear on both the For Students and For Faculty and Staff homepages, select both tags. If you want to limit your bulletin to one or the other homepage, select the corresponding tag. (You may add other tags if you wish, but you must choose at least one of the audience tags. )
  7. Click “Save.”

Want to format your bulletin?
Oberlin OnCampus uses a code called Markdown.

• To add bold face, surround the **section to be bolded with double asterisks**.
• To add italics, surround the *section to be italicized with single asterisks*.
• To add a hyperlink, enclose in brackets the [words you want to be the link](followed immediately by the url in parentheses).

Here's a website that contains some more fun Markdown coding: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/basics.

How to... request a banner on the digital signs (TV screens).

Who can request
Any member of the Oberlin College community

  1. Post a thorough description of your event to the Events Calendar.
  2. Send your banner request in an e-mail, with “Banner Request” and the event date in the subject line, to the.source@oberlin.edu.
    • Include the following information:
      • The url of the Events Calendar listing
      • Title of the event
      • Date and time of the event
  3. In the same e-mail, feel free to send an image you think may be appropriate for us to use as a graphic in the banner.
  4. Send your request two weeks prior to your event.