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Dan Stinebring and Students Attend International Meeting in Australia

June 25, 2012

This month, Professor of Physics Dan Stinebring, rising senior Sam Berney, and rising sophomore Greg Stevens traveled to Australia, whey they participated in meetings with colleagues and other students (mostly graduate students) in the International Pulsar Timing Array. This international group of about 100 researchers is working to detect gravitational waves, predicted by Einstein in 1915 but still elusive despite several major worldwide efforts.

During the first week of the meeting, June 18 to 22, they participated in a summer school at Sydney University that included basic and advanced techniques and student project work. During the second week, June 25 to 29, the group moved to the seaside town of Kiama to participate in an international symposium on recent scientific results in this field.

Stinebring mentored students and organized a panel discussion on careers in astrophysics during the first week and presented an invited talk on his research specialty during the second week. Berney and Stevens spent both weeks “soaking up new information and meeting student and senior colleagues from around the world,” says Stinebring. The three will return to Oberlin in early July, when they, along with Oberlin research associate Tim Dolch, will spend six weeks working on specialized research projects.