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Dan Stinebring Takes Four Students to Gravitational Wave Meetings

June 6, 2011

Federighi Professor of Physics and Astronomy Dan Stinebring is co-organizing two week-long meetings in West Virginia from June 6-17 as part of the NANOGrav collaboration. During the first week, students from around the world will congregate to learn about the principles of gravitational wave detection using ultrastable pulsars as clocks. After the school week, which is being held on the West Virginia University campus in Morgantown, the group will relocate to the Snowshoe ski resort,near the NRAO Green Bank telescope, to convene a week-long International Pulsar Timing Array meeting. There they will share recent scientific results and make plans for continuing international collaboration. Accompanying Stinebring, supported by National Science Foundation funds, will be rising sophomores Jocienne Nelson and Elizabeth Garbee. Also joining the group will be rising junior Johnathan Nelson and rising senior Willie Kunert.