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Go Forth

May 23, 2017

Seven hundred graduates took part in commencement exercises during a sunny morning on Monday, May 22. Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, was the speaker for the college’s 184th commencement ceremony. The Class of 2017, which included graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences and Oberlin Conservatory, listened as Walker encouraged them to change the tone of the public discourse and seek to empathize with others. “Our differences have always been a part of the American experiment for better or worse. We must make an effort to accept and understand that difference, not ignore it.”


Coworking Survey from Oberlin Business Partnership

16 hours ago

Oberlin Business Partnership is creating a plan for a coworking space in Oberlin, where users can rent office space part-time or full-time and join a collaborative and fun professional community. If you are a remote worker, freelancer, entrepreneur, small business owner, professional service provider, or anyone who needs a professional office environment, please complete this brief survey.

Oberlin Tech Store Summer Sale

July 10, 2017

We have a number of floor models and unopened boxes of the 2016 MacBook and iPad models. All items come with full one-year warranty! Come get 'em while they're hot!

Summer hours are 1-4:30pm weekdays, Level A Mudd.

New website is live!

May 31, 2017

Oberlin’s new website, under development for many months, is now live. You’ll notice a new home page; an updated, mobile-friendly design; new top-level pages featuring the areas of study in the college and the conservatory; and more.

We’ll be rolling out the new site in phases, so there’s more to come.

We appreciate your patience as we seek out and fix the inevitable hiccups that come with a launch of this magnitude.

If you have questions or need assistance, please use this form to let us know.

Website launching today, May 31

May 31, 2017

Today, we are launching phase 1 of the new www.oberlin.edu. Sites on the original www.oberlin.edu should now automatically switch to www2.oberlin.edu.

Please let us know if anything doesn't seem to be working right. Thanks!

Content Management System Now Operational

May 15, 2017

Issues relating to the college’s Content Management System (dotCMS) have been resolved. Should you still have problems accessing the site or have a question, contact the webteam@oberlin.edu.

Faculty/Staff Notes

Jeffrey Witmer Presents Keynote

May 30, 2017

Professor of Mathematics Jeffrey Witmer was the keynote presenter at a statistics workshop held at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse on May 9 and 10, 2017.

Marco Wilkinson Receives Fellowship

May 30, 2017

Marco Wilkinson, managing editor at Oberlin College Press, has been awarded a Hemera Foundation Tending Space Fellowship. The Hemera Foundation provides fellowships to artists and writers to engage contemplative practice as part of their creative practice. This fellowship will allow Wilkinson to attend a workshop at Zen Mountain Monastery conducted by noted translator and writer David Hinton. The workshop will focus on Daoist roots and concepts of wilderness in early Chinese Zen practice.

Charles McGuire Launches Online Tool

May 30, 2017

Charles McGuire, professor of musicology, has launched the Musical Festivals Database (MFD), a online tool that allows users explore and research the performance history of British Musical Festivals between 1695-1940. The programming and implementation of the database musicalfestivals.org is a collaboration between the Oberlin College Library, Oberlin College and Conservatory, the Five Colleges of Ohio, the Mellon Foundation, and Duke University’s Digital Scholarship Services. Due to the efforts of Oberlin and Duke student research assistants, one can use the MFD to search more than 500 festivals online, find out when and where a singer, instrumentalist, or conductor worked in Great Britain, and what was performed. The database is part of McGuire’s long-standing project to research musical festivals and the history of performance in order to implement within the Oberlin classroom a broader discussion of what music history was and is.

Cindy Frantz Interviewed on NPR

May 30, 2017

Professor of Psychology Cindy Frantz was interviewed for the story, "Finding The Middle in the Incivility War" on NPR's All Things Considered.

Shelley Lee Gives Lecture

May 18, 2017

Shelley Lee, associate professor of history and comparative American studies, gave a lecture to the history department at University of Denver entitled: “Immigration and History in the Age of Trump.” The talk on May 17, 2017, reflected her work as a historian of immigration and role as a citizen in the current political moment. It also built upon recent public intellectual and activist work in which Lee has engaged.




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