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Media Production Services

Our Current Services at Acoustik Musik, Ltd. and Room with a View Productions

  • Audio/Video Mastering/Editing/Restoration -Digital and Analog

  • Remove pops and clicks from old records, tapes, and CDs as well as digital nose reduction

  • Audio format changes and transfers to CD or mp3 from:

    • DAT, Cassettes, Reel to Reel Tapes, (Vinyl, Acetate, and Shellac) Records, and Computer files
  • Preserve your family recordings, videos, photographs and slides onto CDs, DVDs, or digital files on a USB Drive

  • Duplicate your CDs/DVDs and print labels on them. Also Print the case cards and shrink wrap them like brand new

  • Audio Design and Facilities Consultation from a pro with 40+ years of experience

  • Confidential Audio Forensic Work

  • Remote audio and video recording sessions for your personal portfolio or professional business

  • In studio vocal recording for Voice Overs, Narration, Commercials and Broadcast (Full telephone interface for liaison with remote producers)

  • Radio Show Production

  • TV Spot/Commercial/Social Media Video Advertisement Production for your small business

  • Sound effect/foley recording and editing

  • In studio recording of acoustical instruments

  • Technical Support for installed sound systems and video projection systems

Contact us at 775-3681 if you need our services or Email us at tbethel(at)oberlin.net

Free Dishes Set & Misc Kitchen Stuff for Student

Offering a box with a few kitchen items that I would like to see go to a student who can use them. Mainly a vintage dishes set (mostly white with a light pink floral design) with most of the pieces - 4 dinner plates, large bowls, small bowls, small plates, some teacups. Also, a fry pan, a small muffin/cupcake pan, a couple sundae dishes, and a set of glass covered storage or mixing bowls. We're on Lincoln off of South Professor. Email if interested. Thanks!

Meditation Cushion for Sale! Please take it off my hands!

I accidentally bought an extra purple zabuton (the bottom cushion in this picture) and I am trying to sell it for more than it costs to return! It is brand new and from Samadhi Cushions in Vermont.

It originally cost me $69. However, I am willing to negotiate down quite a bit if necessary.

This is super useful if you have a cushion already but want something consistently soft yet firm to use it with.

Reach out to me by email or text me at 206 948 8057 if you're interested.

Large Tumbling Composter $35

We're getting rid of a large sturdy tumbling composter in good condition. We paid $150 for it a few years ago. Perforated ends for air circulation. Sits on a base with rollers. About 30" wide across the front. Large opening portal makes it easy to fill with a variety of materials and extract soil.

I believe it is the same Good Ideas 52 gallon Compost Wizard Jr shown at https://www.hayneedle.com/product/rotocomposterjr7cubicfeetcomposttumbler.cfm

Selling for only $35. Message if interested. Thanks!