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Move my THINGS!

I am looking for a student or a pair of students who are going to be heading to New England territory that is/are willing to drive my stuff from Ohio to my new home!

We can figure out the details and iron the wrinkles out after we find each other.

So, to sum up. It would be a ride on a moving truck with my furniture and boxes up to New England territory.

Massage Therapy for Pain and Stress, it works!

The new academic year is here. Reset your stress level with expert massage therapy. I also work to help reduce pain from injuries and help you unwind movement restrictions that result from chronic pain or scar tissue restrictions. Ask around, I have worked with someone you know. I have day, evening and weekend appointment times. I have years of experience. Major credit cards and HSA cards accepted. You have a high probability of loosing your pain and movement restrictions and feeling better. My service is state medical licensed and insured. I solve pain puzzles. Reset your stress levels down a few notches. My web site is www.MassageTherapyOberlin.com. 9 West College St. (above Ben Franklin's, next to Aladdin's Eatery)
Call for your appointment: 440-935-0330. Scott Medwid LMT

Needed: An overnight sitter

Needed; An overnight sitter three days per week(Tuesday, Friday and Saturday) . Care for my children will take place at my home. I have a three year old boy who is potty training and will just need a snack before being put down for the night. And a 9 and 10 year old who just need to be told to shower and then head to bed. Only an hour of watching them is needed before they are all tucked in. Then the only responsibility is to sleep there in case they need you. I leave the house at 8:45pm, and will return by 8am. They are boys, so they love to make noise, have fun, and wrestle with each other. I pay $30 per night for one hour of care and for you to sleep there. We may ask that you are flexible on a few days for possible meetings or nights out. That will not happen often. Ashley Lehmanashley_s_lehman@yahoo.com (330)464-0435