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Second floor apartment, fully furnished between S. Professor and S. Main Streets, a block from McDonalds & CVS. 2 blocks South of Conservatory. Bright with large living room, 2 bedrooms and a large 3rd floor bedroom/living area, washer & dryer. NO pets, smoke free. 10 month lease with free summer storage. $650 per month for 1 or 2 people, 3rd person $100 additional plus utilities ($120 per mo. avg). Call Gary 440-823-6248 or email garycowling@frontier.com

Romanesco available at the Oberlin Winter Market

Romanesco will be available at the Saturday Market! Find it and other yummy organic produce at the Market on February 17. The Oberlin Winter Market is held at Eastwood School, 198 E. College Street, from 10:30 until 1:30.

If you like to watch plants grow and blossom, there will be 3" tall scented Ziva paperwhites and 1" tall unscented Inbal paperwhites at the Market. Both should bloom within two weeks.


Fui apples .80 ea oranges .75 ea grapefruit 1.45 ea. ginger 7.00 lb avocados 1.50 ea crimini mushrooms 4.80 lb shiitake mushrooms 10.40 lb. red potatoes 4.50 3# bag gold potatoes 4.50 3# bag sweet potatoes 1.85 lb. yellow onions 3.50 3# bag cucumbers 1.30 ea red beets 2.15 lb. red peppers 1.85 ea grape tomatoes 1.95 container green kale 2.15 bunch asparagus 4.95 bunch broccoli 2.65 bunch zucchini .95 ea romanesco 3.95 head

Seconds and Specials All Organic

bosc pears .50 ea orange carrots 3.00 5# bag orange carrots .50 1#lb garlic 1.00 ea scallions/green onions .25 bunch radishes 2.00 lb. Anaheim peppers -green .50 ea butternut squash 2.00 ea. russet potatoes 1.00 lb. Italian parsley .50 bunch gala apples 2.50 3# bag

Scented potted paperwhites "Ziva" $10.00 pot 3 bulbs in a pot Unscented potted paperwhites "Inbal" $12.00 pot 4 bulbs in a pot

Work in a History Museum this Summer!

The Oberlin Heritage Center (located just behind the Conservatory) is hiring a part-time college intern this summer. If you want to learn more about the community, meet new people, gain professional skills, and earn money, then this is the job for you! Applicants should be team players who take pride in the quality of their work.

Job details: $10/hour, 20 hours/week for 9 weeks mid June - mid August (some flexibility)

Lead Tours of Historic Buildings Assist with Community Events and Youth Programs Conduct Research Projects Be Part of Behind-the-Scenes Museum Work

Application Deadline: March 31, 2018

Full position description and application details available at: www.oberlinheritagecenter.org/about/work

Questions? Contact Amanda Manahan at tourinfo@oberlinheritage.org

Oberlin Winter Market This Saturday !

Come check out the Oberlin Winter Market this Saturday and join in the local foods revolution ! shop for great local, organic, and artisan foods ; produce, meat and cheese, bread, tarts, cookies, scones, jams, coffee, and healthy snacks. Plus art, gifts, and much more ! Open 10:30 am to 1:30 pm at Eastwood Elementary School. free parking .

  • Live music featuring : Zoe Swann ~ Ukelele, Bass & Vocals 10:30 am thru 1:30 pm

>in the gym at Eastwood Elementary School 198 E College street <

[1 block past Tank from campus]

To those that I upset, I'm sorry. -Ratsy

Dear close personal students/customers,

I am writing this letter to let you know I'm sorry for any upset that I may have caused you by my post of the Slave/Master shirts on the social media. Apparently I included the hashtag #thuglife mixed in with all my #valentinesgifts #loveislove and other hashtags that I had posted on many other posts. I often just copy and paste them from one post to the next. If you have been to my store or know me, none of this was intended to hurt or offend anyone and I feel horrible that it was taken in that way. Generally when I put #thuglife, (which I interpret to be some sort of gangster lifestyle of rapper type people that have some sort of "code" of right and wrong) I am posting it ironically. To be funny.

As for the Love/Slave shirts... These were popular in the 1970's and were sold in places like Spencers Gifts and the back of comic books (the photo is from one of those ads). They were intended as a weird sexy type gift for couples that enjoyed exotic consensual role play scenarios similar to those in the 50 shades or Grey book.

I've been busy with Valentine's Day at the store, since that is my sole form of income and it's kind of a busy time for romantics... So, when I had different Oberlin students from the Grape coming in to try to interview me regarding these things, I asked if we could talk about it later in the week. It seemed that the #thuglife tag really upset a lot of people and although I did eventually have time to respond to a couple of the students, in explaining the kooky 70's shirts and how I used #thuglife ironically, I wanted to make sure everybody knew I didn't mean to upset anybody.

I didn't intend to have anything but a funny lighthearted post that people would think was amusing.

This morning I had a moment, after all the Valentine's Day rush to try to put this all together in my addled middle aged head, since although I did chat and email briefly with some students, I was never told the exact reason that everybody was upset... My guess is that in this unpleasant political time where people of all races, religions, and sexes are being marginalized right and left that having the accidental ironic tag of #thuglife on a post of shirts that people didn't realize were a weird consensual sex thing from the 70's landed wrong.

I love you college kids/customers and want you to know that I work extremely hard to make sure that my store is a safe space for everybody.

I'm sorry that my post offended and upset anybody.

I will try harder in the future to be more careful when I post things, but I have to admit that I am only human and may make mistakes.

Apologetically yours, Ratsy

Audio transfer and restoration is our specialty

You've got vinyl, you've got cassettes, maybe you've even have DAT tapes, mini-discs or reel-to-reel tapes.

Well we've got all the equipment to transfer your audio into digital files and give you back a great-sounding CD.

While we're at it, we can also repair, restore, and enhance your recordings with the latest technology. We can get rid of clicks and pops. We can even remove coughs and HVAC sounds from concert recordings.

We're Acoustik Musik, Ltd., We offer 40+ years of experience, and we're committed to preserving your recordings through professional work that is done in a timely manner.

Call us today to get started! 440-775-3681

We are Lorain County's Best Kept Secret...or so our client's tell us after they find us.


Acoustik Musik, Ltd. and Room with a View Productions provides audio and video services for the whole Northern Ohio area and we are located right here in Oberlin?

We provide audio mastering, voice over recordings, audio and video restoration and on-location audio and video recordings of concerts, presentations, commercials and events.

We have worked with Oberlin College, The Cleveland Orchestra, the Canton Orchestra, Blossom Music Center, The City of Oberlin, numerous businesses and individuals in and around the Northern Ohio area and have worked with clients as far away as Hong Kong and England.

We are Lorain Counties’ best kept secret, or so our clients tell us once they find us.

If you need audio or video work contact us today. Our work is professional and our rates reasonable.

Call 440-775-3681 or email us at tbethel(at)oberlin.net

If you want to know more our websites are http://www.acoustikmusik.com/ and http://rwavproductions.com/

Professional Audio Mastering in Oberlin

Acoustik Musik, Ltd. is located in Oberlin, Ohio and we deliver professional-sounding masters that sound great on any playback system.

I have over 40 years of experience in the recording and mastering of all genres of music. This is our 23nd year in business.

Our studio features digital and analog equipment combined with the latest computer software. We bring together "old school" and "new school" approaches to getting your project done on time and on budget.

We have the advantage of being easily and readily accessible - we won't put you on hold when you call or make you wait months to get an appointment.

We're committed to delivering the quality your music deserves at a price you can afford. We offer a 10% discount for Oberlin students, faculty and staff.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We offer a 10% discount for Oberlin students, faculty and staff.

You can visit our website for more info http://www.acoustikmusik.com/

Call us at 775-3681 to schedule an appointment to talk about your project.

We are Lorain Counties’ best kept secret or so our clients tell us once they find us.