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Audio transfer and restoration is our specialty

You've got vinyl, you've got cassettes, maybe you've even got DAT tapes or minidiscs or reel-to-reel tapes.

We've got all the equipment to transfer your audio into digital files and give you back a great-sounding CD.

While we're at it, we can also repair, restore, and enhance your recordings with the latest HD technology. We can get rid of clicks and pops. We can even remove coughs and HVAC sounds from concert recordings.

We're Acoustik Musik, Ltd., We offer 40+ years of experience, and we're committed to preserving your recordings through professional work that is done in a timely manor.

Call us today to get started! 440-775-3681

We are Lorain County's Best Kept Secret...or so our client's tell us.

Last minute costumes @ Ratsy's Store

Wigs, weird outfits, masks, vintage, strange glasses and more!!!

Available at:

Ratsy's Store

27 S. Main Street, Oberlin, OH (next to the LOCAL, across from the FEVE)

Sunglasses, Socks, Gifts, Ratsy's Store Coffee Mugs, Mom Shorts and Jeans, Vintage, Flannels, Man Sweaters, Jackets, Curiosities, Weird Art, Old Stuff and more....

Want to see inside? Take an online google maps tour!!!


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Rides to the Airport/Other Destinations!

Hi there, my name is Caro and I’m a 4th year student at Oberlin (-:

I am offering rides to the airport (or other negotiable destinations in the area), and charge $20 each way.

If these rides are after 9pm or before 9am, there will be an additional $10 fee.

Carpooling as a group of 3-4 will reduce the cost from $20 to $15 per person for each trip.

To contact me, please text 610-299-2022 or send me an email at ctobar@oberlin.edu. I accept cash and venmo payments.