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Volunteer Opportunities

Neuroscience Research Study

We are interested in how things look and sound to typically developing adults (18-30). You must have no history of developmental disorders (autism, dyslexia, schizophrenia, or epilepsy) and have normal to corrected-to-normal vision and hearing.

You would complete simple computer tasks while having your brain activity recorded using EEG. You would also fill out several surveys asking you basic information about yourself as well as how you interact with the world around you.

This study takes place in the science center and involves two sessions: the first lasting 30 minutes and the second lasting three hours. All participants will receive a gift card of their choice at a rate of $5 per half hour. Please call (775-8951) or email (lklab@oberlin.edu) if interested.

Contact Information: Leslie Kwakye Assistant Professor of Neuroscience Oberlin College


Oberlin Weekday Community Meals provides a hot and nutritious dinner to any and all, at Christ Episcopal Church, 162 South Main Street, every Monday through Friday. Volunteers are needed to help set up, serve, and then clean up following dinner. Dinner is served from 5:00 to 5:30, but we ask that volunteers be available from roughly 4:45 until roughly 6:00. No heavy lifting is involved, and volunteers are invited to join in the meal themselves. We are hopeful for volunteers who are able to commit to a regular once-a-week schedule, but any help you can provide will be welcome. If you are interested in providing needed assistance to your community, please contact the Christ Church office at 775-2501 or communitymeals440@gmail.com

Make $15 - Participate in an EEG Study!

Want to make $15 for a 1.5 hour session? Support student research and participate in a cool EEG study!

Sign up here:


New sessions will be posted throughout the month of January. If none of the available times work for you, email anna.garrison@oberlin.edu to schedule a better time!

Participate in a study on Music and the Brain!

Like the way your hair feels after a day at the beach? Come participate in our research on Music and the Brain! The Simen lab is looking for one-time participants over the age of 18 to get an EEG and play some drums. Musical experience not required. You will be compensated $15 for 1.5 hours. We're looking for people starting January 28th. Email zswann@oberlin.edu to participate in this amazing study!


Hello! Oberlin Community Services (OCS) is an emergency social service agency and food pantry located at 285 South Professor Street in Oberlin. This month, OCS is short on food pantry volunteers. If you have some free time, we could really use your help! Our food pantry is open 9AM - noon and 1PM - 5PM Monday through Friday. We would love to have your help during any of those hours.

In particular, on the afternoon of Friday January 12th (1PM - 5PM), we are setting up for a specialty distribution that will take place on Saturday January 13th. We could really use your help with this setup!!!

Feel free to email or call (440-774-6579) with any questions.