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Volunteer Opportunities

CATSS is in need of volunteers this summer!

Do you like kittens? How about cats? Are you staying in town this summer? Could you use some snuggle therapy? Interested in volunteer hours? Or just looking for somewhere to hang out and get your furry animal fix?

If so, CATSS has the perfect position just waiting for you! Our Lincoln Street Annex is in need of volunteers for twice-daily feeding and cleaning shifts. The work is light, but the impact you make on these furry lives will be tremendous!

Right now, CATSS is in need of volunteers from mid-May through the summer months (and possibly into next academic year). Please contact Sue at the email address provided with this listing, or stop down at the Ginko Gallery to fill out a volunteer interest form with Liz Burgess today.

Sue can also be reached at (440) 935-2042.

(Community Action to Save Strays partners with the Bonner Center, so students in that program can benefit from earning volunteer hours with us.)

** This is an unpaid, volunteer position, but the perks and kitten cuddles are endless!

Crazy animal lover who can help you walk your dog!

Hi, I'm Quinn from China. As a crazy animal lover, I watched lots of animal stories and documentaries grown up. Among all animals, I favor wolves and dogs the most. However, due to some complicated reasons, I couldn't have a pet. But I do know a lot about dogs because I read lots of books about them. My friends call me dog expert. Here at oberlin, I really hope that I could have chances to be with dogs. For I don't have a car and neither do I drive, the shelter is out of my league to go to, so I was wondering if I could find a family who may need someone help walk or take care of their dog. If yes, that would be so great and means a lot to me. Schedule and salary are negotiable. Actually, being able to spend time with dogs is a big enough reward for me!

Thank you so much!


The USDA is asking for public input on certain elements of food stamp policy by April 9th. At stake is: the time limit rule (which cuts childless adults off of food stamps after only 3 months unless they're working or volunteering for 20 hrs a week); and state waivers (which allows states to file for exemption from the ridiculous time limit rule for areas of high unemployment).

Oberlin Community Services (a food pantry located at 285 South Professor St.) has put together "personal comment" postcards for mailing to the USDA that state opposition to the time-limit rule and opposition to a potential dismantling of the exemption waiver process.


If you're available any time in the next 3 days, please come down to OCS and help us spread info about this issue, and offer the option of signing these postcards.

Also -- if you personally want to get involved feel free to visit the link (below) and send in a comment. OR you can come down to OCS and mail in a card. Thanks!



Are you passionate about social justice? Love to interact work with people? Want to make a difference?

If so, come join Oberlin Community Services for the summer!

Two internships available: Social Service Intern and Peoples' Garden Intern.

Both internships are unpaid but, if you are an OC student, funding is available through the Oberlin College Career Center.

For more info, and to view job descriptions and details, please email me at hannah@oberlincommunityservices.org or call OCS at 440-774-6579.

Contact the Oberlin College Career Center to view the summer stipend application.