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Billy Liber

Case Worker / Program Specialist

Case Worker / Program Specialist

Passages, Connecting Fathers & Families is looking for a Case Worker/Program Specialist. This person is responsible for the day to day delivery of direct services to participants in workforce development programs. As such, the position will train, coach and support participants through a training and development component and assist in successfully securing permanent stable employment.

Works in collaboration with a variety of local agencies and service providers to facilitate client’s transition from dependency upon public assistance to self-sufficiency. A variety of professional skills are employed to assist each client through coaching and counseling services while managing a professional documentation in the form of an individual success plan.

The Program Specialist will lead efforts to establish relationships with employers and facilitate interviews and job placements of program participants. He or she will meet with employers on a regular basis to maintain relationships for employment purposes. To expand the employment opportunities available to participants, the job developer will work with local employers, government, and education/training partners to gain a more nuanced understanding of requirements for entry level jobs and potentially available placements.

Must be compassionate and enjoy interacting with people with an attention to detail and ability to multitask. Positive attitude is a must. Must be able to perform duties in a variety of settings such as our community office, correctional facilities. Works with agencies and service providers to facilitate case coordination and information. Interacts with clients directly through assessments, application of data derived from assessments and interviews. Heavy emphasis on phone communication ability. Works with clients to develop a personalized plan directed toward self-sufficiency.

Meet with each workforce development program participant upon enrollment to establish an individualized career training and placement strategy. Run weekly group workshops with participants. Assist participants to create a professional portfolio. Identify appropriate career exploration activities and internship and job placements. Meet with program staff on a regular basis to ensure appropriate information sharing, coordination of program activities and service delivery.

Will conduct fatherhood development classes; one on one sessions and group sessions to ensure that clients fully comprehend the important role they play in the development of their children and families. Maintains case records and provides assistance with appropriate documentation. Works closely with a variety of supportive services on behalf of the client as well as encourages and teaches clients to manage and be held accountable for selective activities of the transitional process. Assists with curriculum development and presentations. Nurturing and growing relationships with local service providers and agencies to help support Client Relations and Job Coach.

The Program Specialist reports to the Regional Director.