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Ethan Harrison-Weil

Looking for a Summer Plant-Sitter!

I've got two spider plants and an arboricola that I've gotten pretty fond of over the past semester, and I'd love it if they can make it through to the next one. They're pretty little plants, easy to take care of, and you get to look at them all summer long and make some money doing it.

I'll include some potting soil and care instructions, but they're practically unkillable so long as you water them once every other day or so and leave them by a window.

$20 in cash up front, $20 at the end of the summer if the plants are still alive, and you can have as many spider plant offshoots as you want! Just trim 'em off, stick 'em in some dirt, and they're yours.

I'm in town until the 21st of May, call or send me a text: 469-585-1138