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Tekikki Walker

Colorado Springs / Oberlin @ Portal

Hey All,

Spread the word if you’re in Oberlin:

We will be connecting with Colorado Springs again today between 3 pm-4 pm. It will be a continuation of a conversation that we had about pre-feminist art dating 20th century, Guerilla Girls, women in activism, etc.

Potentially, the artist Senga Nengudi, will be joining a discussion today at the Colorado Springs Portal. Senga Nengudi’s website is sengasenga.com. The women’s caucus in Chicago gave her a lifetime achievement award. She was also invited to Venice as one of the Artists for the Biennale: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/16/t-magazine/art/venice-biennale-best-highlights-mark-bradford-tehching-hsieh-alicja-kwade.html

I know that this is super last minute, but I just got word of this update. Please spread the word! ’d greatly appreciate it!. Here is the original events calendar link: https://calendar.oberlin.edu/event/oberlin_colorado_springs_3062

To learn more about what the Portal is visit: www.sharedstudios.com

Thank you!

Last week or so for the Portal

Hey! If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Oberlin Shared Studios Portal on Wilder Bowl, take some time to stop by before it leaves on November 12th.

If you would like to learn more about the Portal visit www.sharedstudios.com. To schedule your own connection within the Portal, click the “Sites” tab and select “Oberlin, OH.” You can view upcoming connections with our other national and international Portal Sites and make a specific connection request.

You can play some music, talk to a friend, or bring your class to discuss various things...

Any questions, email me at oberlin@sharedstudios.com

Domestic Violence Awareness Event(s) @ Portal


Please come by the Portal on Wilder Bowl to learn more about domestic violence and sexual assault in intimate partner relationships in a two-day interactive series.

Oct 29 @ 3-5 pm: Interactive discussion about DV and sexual assault with SIC, Rebecca Mosely from the Title IX office, Meg McIntyre from Genesis House, and NGO La Casa Mandarina from Mexico City, Mexico, and more.In collaboration with our Mexico City, Mexico portal.

Oct 30 @ 4-5 pm: Painting, making art, discussions about relationships, and listening to music. In collaboration with our San Marcos, Texas portal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email oberlin@sharedstudios.com

Come by the Portal during Fall Break

Are you still around campus and would like to connect with folks from around the world? Visit the Oberlin Shared Studios Portal or even propose an event/connection by visiting www.sharedstudios.com. Just click the “Sites” tab, select’s Oberlin’s site and make a specific portal request.

We will have open hours all this week, which you can check out on the Obie Events Calendar.

Any questions, please email oberlin@sharedstudios.com

Thank you!

Discussion on Racism and Prejudice @ Portal

Stop by for a discussion with students from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas at the Portal today. We will be discussing issues of racism and prejudice that may occur in various spaces.

Feel free to drop by after your midterm exams at 3-5 pm. The Oberlin Shared Studios Portal is located on Wilder Bowl (the gold shipping container)

If you have any questions, please email oberlin@sharedstudios.com or visit www.sharedstudios.com to learn more about Portals!