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Seeking Rides

Seeking Transportation to Volunteer for Sen. Sherrod Brown's Campaign on Weekdays Summer 2018

Hi, I'm hoping to volunteer to help get Sherrod Brown, Ohio's now only democratic senator reelected during the midterm elections (Nov. 6th). My only issue is that I can't drive yet. Ideally, I'd like to work half days in their finance office 3-5 days a week, which is open 9-6 in Berea, Ohio. Berea is ~35min away from Oberlin and it's on the way to Cleveland. There's another office located in Lorain ~20min north of Oberlin that deals with field work (knocking on doors).

Is there a chance that I could catch a ride with someone who is commuting to Cleveland or somewhere else outside of Oberlin regularly this summer? I'd be happy to be dropped off in Berea for however long would work with your schedule and would be delighted to help with gas. Or, if you'd like to join me and campaign with me that would be fabulous too! Is so, I can get you in contact with the campaign. If you have a lead or can help, contact with me with email, text or phone--I would be super grateful!

mgruesse@oberlin.edu (email is the best way to reach me) 603-531-9554