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Seeking Rides

Ride from Upstate, NY to Oberlin

Hey, I'm looking for a ride back to Oberlin this weekend from upstate NY (Utica/Syracuse area) if you're driving through there lmk! Email me ecarter@oberlin.edu I can't drive but I will help pay gas and play some nice tunes if you want! Alternatively, I'm looking for someone who would be getting back on the train to Oberlin at like 4am and would want to share a cab back to campus!

Ride to/from Cleveland Hopkins Airport (And Elsewhere*)


Fourth year student willing to take anyone who needs to get to/from the airport for $25 per person (negotiable with multiple passengers). Prices to places other than the airport vary. Been doing this since freshman year, so I know the roads pretty well.

TEXT me if it's urgent (or for a quicker response) (347)332-9473

Late night / early morning / last minute rides at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

I'm not much of a talker, so if you're not looking for a conversation then that's cool, I don't mind the silence.

Make sure you have the exact amount I usually don't have change on me.

(Also willing to take people elsewhere, HMU and we can figure something out)

Uber has arrived in Oberlin

Uber has finally arrived in Oberlin on a limited basis. This service is available mostly on weekends and after 6 pm on weekdays. For more information contact AJ! Clonts by email at: ajclonts@gmail.com or by phone at 440-707-6234 to find out if he can offer a ride. If you are a NEW Uber user then download the Uber app and use this code to receive $10 off your first ride: "8ec7gnxsue" or email him and he will send it to you. He is available this Saturday 8 am - 2 pm and then all day on Sunday. Next week he may be available from 6 pm until ??? He is also available to work special events too!