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Environmental problems in dorms,apts or homes

If you feel like your physical space has heating, cooling, moisture or unresolved environmental problems or you see visible signs of poor maintenance or remediation issues please feel free to contact me to discuss. I can help write clear work orders, assist in working with City officials, attorney's and medical professionals.

I have a post-doc in Environmental Law and Policy and my expertise is indoor air quality and human health as it relates to the built environment. I have worked over 23 year with these issues and have worked with Colleges and Universities and tenants find remedy and resolve.

First 20 minutes gratis. drmakris@earthlink.net

Survey Participants (Enter to Win $10 Slow Train Gift Card)

I (Mia Bates) am conducting an Honors project looking at exercise and adult ADHD with Sarah Urso and Hannah Cook. We would love your help, below is a link that will allow you to fill out a short survey (3 mins tops). Filling out this survey does not commit you to participating in the study it is just for informational purposes. It will ask for some personal information about ADHD and exercise please know any and all information collected in completely confidential. Also, if a question makes you uncomfortable you may skip it or you can stop taking the survey all together. If you wish for your information to be used please make sure you sign the consent form at the beginning.

Finally, filling out the survey enters you to win a $10 gift card from Slow Train! Yahoo! If you are chosen for the study you will make $14 dollars and be entered to win a $50 prize.