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Francis Dunnery house concert

Francis Dunnery will be playing a "house concert" at the home of Martin and Kate Thomson-Jones on Friday, July 20th.

Once called the “most interesting man” in rock by the British music magazine Melody Maker, Francis Dunnery is an exceptional songwriter and guitarist who has recorded and and toured with the likes of Robert Plant, Santana, Lauryn Hill, Steve Hackett (Genesis), Ian Brown (Stone Roses), Chris Difford (Squeeze), Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (Yes), and more. Since 2005, Dunnery has also been doing “house concert” tours—playing in people’s homes for small groups. He describes the experience this way: ”It's just me and my acoustic guitar, no amplification, singing my songs…. I sing songs and tell stories of my life. It's not a party; it's more like going to church, but church with swearing.” So if you like good songs, good guitar playing, swearing, and a Cumbrian accent, don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy all four in one evening.

You can check out Francis’s albums on Spotify—try “Tall Blonde Helicopter” and “The Gulley Flats Boys,” and then run–don’t–walk to your email account to email Martin at martinthomsonjones@gmail.com for tickets. Tickets are $30 each plus $1.21 per ticket in Paypal transaction fees; seats are limited.