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Drum Lessons and Practice space offered

Hey there, I'm a 4th year student at Oberlin and have been playing and practicing the drums for roughly seven years now, have studied under jazz students at the conservatory and have played many a show with several bands. I currently have 3 students and am looking for more! Doesn't matter whether you've touched a drum set or not, I accept all skill levels. My current rate is $10 per half hour.

In addition! I am currently renting out a space in which I house my drums and practice. If any drummers out there are interested in sharing my kit (or there may potentially be space for another kit) and having access to a space to practice let me know! I currently pay $100 a month for it, so we could negotiate how much you would chip in depending how much you make use of the space.

My number is 510-599-2030. Call or text anytime.