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September 6, 2017

Long-term Cat Sitting for Two Cats

We're looking for cat lovers who are willing to take in our two adult cats, Mimi and Jade, for the academic year while I am on sabbatical and traveling. The cats are nearly identical sisters, 7 years old, rescued as kittens. They have claws so can go outside. We'll provide all supplies and modest stipend. If you'd love a cat but can't make the long-term commitment of adopting one, these two cats can be yours for the year. Full personality profiles (of the cats not me) are available to interested parties.

Dog Walking/ Pet Sitting/ Pet Visits/ Housesitting

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a student at Oberlin. Need someone to walk your dog while you are at work? Going out of town and need someone to water your plants/ take care of your pets/ etc.? Feel like you can't offer your dog or pet enough active play time?

I am a lifelong owner of multiple dogs of various sizes, ages, and temperaments, and I feel comfortable handling dogs of all kinds. I would also be happy to care for various other pets (cats, chickens, snakes- you name it!).

Please feel free to contact me, and we can talk about your individual needs, and I can see what works best for us both in terms of scheduling and pricing. I am available during the day on weekends and weekdays when I am not in class, as well as most evenings. I would like to stay within a mile or so of the college campus because I only have a bike, but I am willing to be flexible.

Some ideas for services include: 30 minute- 1 hour walks, 30 minute- 1 hour house visits (to play with your pet, feed your pet, etc), or periodic drop in and/or overnight visits at your house while you are away

You can email me at sreddy@oberlin.edu, or call/text me at 419-351-2389 with any questions.

Thanks very much!

Bodywork and Massage Course


Jill Mason Blake, Bodyworker & Health Educator Piece of Quiet Studio - downtown Oberlin www.pieceofquiet.net

Course Description The Foundation course meets for 10, 2 hour sessions. We focus on the core skills found in all forms of bodywork: including The Bio-Chemistry of Bodywork, Empathy, Compassion, Sensing, Boundaries, Focusing, Consent, Healing Touch, Subtle Energy Therapies, and Mindful Attention. As a way of engaging with these concepts in real time, students will learn how to safely give a full body relaxation massage. This is an excellent structure for self care, as well as those interested gaining bodywork skills and perspectives. Optional readings/media sources and reflection assignments will be provided. Space limited to 12 students.

Course meets Thursdays, 4:30-6:30, beginning Sept. 21.

Email Jill to to register/for further information.