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September 2, 2017

Yard Sales

Yard sales on Canterbury Circle and Nantucket Circle on Sunday, September 3rd, 9am - 6pm. Items include a TV, microwave, AC/heater, printer, air mattress, camping stove, sleeping bag, books, VHS films, shoes, clothing, various kitchen supplies, jewelry, blankets, furniture, bicycle car rack, picture frames, laptop bags, patio furniture, and various other items.

Inert Pink Bike Safe T Seat

$25 PRICE IS FIRM (Online price-new: $109.95) Selling mine, used for three years.

Includes: Seat with Pad (steering wheel bar Broke off early on, I did not find it necessary for safety.) It can be purchased from Ibert.bike For $15 + s&h)

Attaches & detaches in minutes Fits most children 1-4 years Maximum Weight: 17.2 kg / 38 lbs.

UNIQUE! Your child sits in front of you, but behind the steering. You ride close together which makes for great conversations about the sights you're observing. NO MORE riding around with your child in back, not being able to communicate.

Rust resistant, aluminum and stainless steel mounting hardware attaches in minutes. 3-point safety harness with quick adjustment. Comfortable contoured seat with no sharp edges. Removable seat pad, absorbs bumps and is easy to clean. Solid legs wells helps protect legs from wheel wells and objects from falling into wheels.


Bass & Tenor Needed: Paid section leaders for the Oberlin Music at Grafton (OMAG) prison choir conducted by Professor Jody Kerchner. Transportation to/from provided. Must be available to leave Oberlin at 2:15pm and return by 5:00pm, weekly, on Fridays. Please contact <jody.kerchner@oberlin.edu> if interested. Qualified students considered, regardless of Conservatory or College student major!