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Want to rock the bass or drums?

I am looking for a bass player and a drummer to join my band (which already consists of two guitarists and a vocalist). We have been playing classic rock and hard rock, as well as some more contemporary stuff, but we are willing to try just about any style of rock/pop. I expect to have access to a drum kit soon, so if you are a drummer without a kit, you are still welcome. ROCK ON!

Lost Timex Watch

I hate losing things.

Over winter term I lost track of my brown Timex Expedition watch. I've hoped it would turn up eventually, but it doesn't look like it's anywhere nearby where I am. If you've found a watch like the one pictured, I would love to have it back! I can also trade a reward for it-- let me know.

Also, if you picked up my brown sunglasses in Stevie, I'd also love to have them back!

Cheap Physics Textbooks

Calling anybody taking physics classes, past present and future (though past might not be that helpful for you). All prices are negotiable

Physics 110/111 Fundamentals of Physics, $60 Halliday,Resnick, Walker; 9E (Exactly the same as the 10th edition), Great condition, no annotations

Physics 310 Classical Mechanics, $40 John Taylor; no annotations

Physics 311 Introduction to Electrodynamics, $30 David J Griffiths; International Paperback 3rd edition, exactly the same as 4th edition; Essential book if you're thinking of graduate school