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This Spring (January 1 - July) my housemates and I will have a room available in our house and we're looking for a sixth housemate!

We live at 243 East College St. AKA Windy Pines. The house is beautiful and spacious, with really nice light and a great porch out front. Washer and dryer in basement. Good wifi. Rent is $275 + utilities + Internet. Your room would be on the second floor.

My housemates and I are quiet and clean and very chill. We like cooking and music and art and queer things (and people) and radical anti-capitalist work and books and kindness. We dislike obnoxious people. Three of us are Oberlin college students and two of us are recent graduates. But we're super happy to live with someone who isn't associated with Oberlin college.

Please email me if you're interested!

Seeking Housemate for Spring Semester Onwards

Hey all! I'm going abroad next semester, and looking for someone to take my spot in a lovely off campus house. I live with two other queer folks. We're all real good cooks and do some (optional) communal shopping/cooking. I am the only student in the house--we're open to living with non students here's an opportunity to stay there after the school year is over.

Our house has a nice sitting room, living room, and laundry room, as well as a spacious kitchen with a gas stove. There are two bathrooms and four bedrooms. Rent is $350 a month + utilities.

Please email kleader@oberlin.edu for inquires.

Acupuncture to Eliminate Pain


  1. Joint or muscle pain
  2. Headaches
  3. Allergies
  4. STOP Smoking
  5. Digestive problems
  6. Sports injuries/Sprains/Strains
  7. Stress/Anxiety/Depression


Call now for an appointment & to discuss rates and insurance coverage: 440-774-7090.

(I have a sliding scale to help low income folks.)

Sally McMullen, L.Ac. - over 30 years experience, including referrals from Orthopedic and Neuro-Surgeons in San Francisco as well as local medical professionals.

Check out my website: www.sallymcmullen.com

I'm located near Slow Train at 91 E. College St., Unit A, Oberlin.

Winter Term & Work Study - Dr. Seuss Day Coordinator

Dr Seuss Day is one of the biggest events in town! Held on the first Sunday of March at the Oberlin Public Library, this event draws in over 120 children and their families. If you are enthusiastic and would love to organize big, crazy fun stuff for kids, read on!

The coordinator works magic by:

  • creating a fantastical Seussical theme

  • finding volunteers to host games and entertain kids

  • writing publicity that reminds everyone of this great day

  • picking materials for crafts that kids love to do

The kids of Oberlin need you to make sure this event is fantastic!

This position is for one full time student or two half time students. Work Study hours are available after Winter Term ends.

If interested, please apply through ObieOpps. If you have any questions, please email Maureen Simen at areads@oberlin.edu.

Costumes, Vintage, Socks, and more....

All waiting for you at Ratsy's Store!!!

27 S. Main Street, Oberlin, OH (next to the LOCAL, across from the FEVE)

Costumes, Strange Socks, Retro Sunglasses, Coffee Mugs, Gifts, Curiosities, Vintage Clothing, Weird Art, Old Stuff and more....

Looking for something in particular? Send me an email and I can see if I can find it for you!

Want to see inside? Take an online google maps tour!!!


Follow us on Instagram and on THE Facebook!!!



Yamaha Drum Set

For Sale... Yamaha Drum Set. Like new. Burgundy color, Stage Custom Nouveau Series. 6 drums (bass, floor tom, 2 mounted toms, piccolo tom, and snare) Double bass peddles, heavy duty cymbal stands, 6 cymbals including hi-hat, drum throne, many extras included. More pics available. Asking $1500 firm. Any questions email: tfech32856@yahoo.com.