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Innovation Bus Trip: ECOLOGY, BIOTECH, FUNDER; November 8, 8am-1pm

Oct. 26, 2017

FREE: Meet leaders of an Ecology start-up, an Oberlin Alumni Biotech startup and decision makers in an Early-stage venture funder.

REGISTER HERE: https://tinyurl.com/JUMPSTART-ECOLOGY-MEDICALINNOV Rust Belt Riders: A worker-owned organic waste removal service creating wealth from waste through the conversion of waste food into value added products. JumpStart: Unlocking the full potential of diverse and ambitious entrepreneurs to economically transform entire communities. Rust Belt Riders is one of JumpStart’s portfolio companies.

JumpStart provides venture capital and intensive, high-impact assistance to diverse entrepreneurs and small businesses owners, working one-on-one to establish and achieve value-creating milestones of growth.

Infinite Arthroscopy Inc. Oberlin Alumni, Daniel Dudley – Owner/Inventor (IAI) is a biomedical innovation company dedicated on envisioning and commercializing next-generation technologies in the arthroscopic surgery market. Our strategic focus developing novel IP opportunities for surgical fields where there has been stagnation or wholesale abandonment in market-driven research & development. We are currently in the final stages of development for our first device which is projected to enter the market in early 2019.