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Apply to the Oberlin Business Scholars Program

Aug. 21, 2017

The Oberlin Business Scholars program provides selected students from all majors with a foundation of skills, knowledge, and contacts to help them more successfully compete for jobs and internships in a wide range of business disciplines. Through discussions, lectures, case studies, project assignments, and on-site visits with Oberlin alumni and friends of the College, Scholars interact with and learn from leaders in these fields, and from one another.

The program will begin in the second module of the fall semester with a Business and Finance course that is specifically designed for Oberlin Business Scholars. During Winter Term, scholars will reconvene for a course on business professionalism and networking, which will lead into the one-week trip to Cleveland and New York companies. You will be given the opportunity to gain knowledge and contacts, as well as explore your interests in the business and finance industry.

APPLY ONLINE BY MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017: https://app.decisiondesk.com/clients/oberlinbusiness2018/account/create