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End of Year Dorm Food Rescue Program

April 27, 2017

End of Year Dorm Food Rescue Program

This year, Oberlin Community Services (a food pantry on South Professor St.) will be placing cardboard collection boxes in the lobby of every Oberlin College and OSCA dorm. These boxes will serve as food collection bins. Instead of throwing out the food you no longer want at the end of the year, please deposit it in these boxes. Boxes will be clearly labeled, and signage will indicate what you can and cannot donate. These boxes will sit in dorm lobbies from 9AM on May 8th – 9AM on May 23rd, at which point staff will retrieve the boxes and give the food out in our pantry.

Please help us eliminate waste and supplement our choice pantry program.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Hannah Rosenberg (Hannah@oberlincommunityservices.org or 440-774-6579).

Thanks so much!