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Special Alert -- Suspicious Person Taking Videos Through Outside Windows

Feb. 16, 2017

The Office of Safety and Security is alerting the campus community to information provided by the Oberlin Police Department and the Erie County Sheriff’s Office (Sandusky) regarding a subject who had been arrested in Erie County and charged with looking into and recording people inside of buildings and residences there. Erie County deputies have determined that between January and early February 2017, this subject, David K. Schindley, also made surreptitious recordings of individuals through windows leading into student campus residential spaces by standing outside these spaces and creating cell-phone recordings. There is no indication that he gained access to any student residential space. Law enforcement has taken custody of known recordings and has or will contact affected individuals of the spaces that were identified. Law enforcement has not released the names of any affected individuals. The Office of Safety and Security will remain in close contact with the Oberlin Police Department and the Erie County Sheriff's Office as the investigation of these incidents in Oberlin and Erie County continues, and we will share additional information as it becomes available with the campus community.

If you would like some support around this feel free to reach out to the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, a class dean, or the Oberlin College Counseling Center.

We encourage you to take the following measures for your safety:

• Report suspicious persons and activities immediately, including those outside of residence halls and housing • Be alert of strangers who might attend gatherings at your residence and take action to address their presence by calling Safety and Security to respond if you live on campus; Oberlin Police (440) 774-1061, if you reside off campus • Exterior doors of residential halls, College Village and apartment-style housing exterior door entrances should not be left unlocked or propped, or those entering should report others who “tailgate” in on your entry immediately to Safety and Security • Close and lock you room door when you are sleeping or studying in your room. • Take advantage of safety escort programs on campus by contact the Safety and Security Office.

Anyone who observes this person or similar suspicious persons or activities is asked to contact the Office of Safety and Security at (440) 775-8444 or the Oberlin Police Department at (440) 774-1061 immediately. Issued by authority of Clifton Barnes, Assistant Director