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Jan. 27, 2017

POLT 204/CRN19007 Research Methods and Public Policy Research Methods and Public Policy is designed to acquaint students with the research process through which scientific knowledge about the political world is gained. This will necessarily include research design (e.g., experimental and non-experimental designs), hypothesis formulation, measurement of concepts, and various methods for collecting and analyzing data (e.g., sampling, survey research, cross-tabulation, and computer calculations using SPSS). The primary objectives of this course are to make students sophisticated consumers who are able to evaluate the scholarly merits of empirical political work and turn students into skilled researchers who are able to apply these techniques in their own work. Enrollment limit: 30
MWF 9:00-9:50 AJLC 201 JOHN LIU, Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics/ Policy Analysis Post-Doctoral Fellow, spring 2017. Professor Liu received his Ph.D. from the University of New Orleans. His research and teaching interests are in American and international studies with a focus on public policy and research methods. If you have questions regarding the course, please e-mail Professor Liu.