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Planned Network Maintenance for Wired Connections in Residential Buildings - Fall Break

Oct. 12, 2016

During the week of fall break, CIT will be performing network maintenance in residential buildings.

All wired network ports in the buildings listed below may be unavailable for up to 2 hours during the week of fall break. If you cannot connect using a wired connection during fall break, switch to wireless temporarily. If you experience any connectivity issues after the expected outage window, please reboot your device.

Affected buildings include: Asia, Keep, East-South, Noah, East-Central, Bailey, Barrows-North, Price, Dascomb-East, Dascomb-West, J. House, Talcott, Baldwin, Tank, Fairchild

For additional assistance, contact the CIT Help Desk via phone at (440) 775-8197 or through email at cit@oberlin.edu.