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Special Alert: Burglary in South Hall

Sept. 10, 2016

To: The Oberlin College Community

From: Clifton Barnes, Assistant Director of Safety and Security

Date: September 10, 2016

On Saturday, September 10, 2016 at approximately 2:45 a.m., the Office of Safety and Security received a call from a resident of South Hall reporting a theft from their room. The resident left their room, with door not locked, and walked past two young non-college males standing in their hallway. When the resident returned, they discovered one of the non-college males in their room. The startled subject pushed past the resident and into the hall. The incident, and loss of property from the room, was reported to Safety and Security and police.

Further investigation determined that the subjects had gained entry to the building by knocking on a door and being let inside. The subject found inside of the room was described as a white male. average height. thin build, blond hair, and tattoos on both arms. He was wearing a white T shirt with printing, faded blue jeans, and black shoes. The other subject was described as an African American male, average height, thin build and close cropped hair. He was wearing a salmon colored T shirt, dark shorts with a red stripe and white shoes. These subjects left the area on bicycles in an unknown direction.

While becoming a victim of a crime cannot always be avoided, here are some common safety strategies: 1. Report any unusual activities or noise that is not normal for the time of day or place of occurrence. 2. When leaving your apartment or residence, even for a short time, lock your doors and windows. 3. Report any suspicious person or activity, and take appropriate action for your safety and to alert others if a person makes threats, is acting in an unstable manner, or makes irrational or threatening statements or actions. 4. Contact Emergency 9-1-1 or Safety and Security at Ext. 58911 or 440-775-8911 by cell phone, or via an emergency blue light phone, if outside on campus. Give your name, location and brief explanation of the situation. Take note of the person’s physical appearance, clothing, direction of travel, and vehicle. 5. Report persons you do not know who may be present, but not conducting campus related activity on or around campus grounds, or who may follow closely into a residence hall or academic building.

At this time, there has not been a determination this is related to two other thefts of property in South Hall, and so it is recommended for residents of all residential halls to take care in securing their rooms, property, and in reporting persons asking for entry, or not in the company of residents.

Anyone with information regarding this or any similar incident should contact the Oberlin Police at 440-774-1061, or may report the information to the Safety and Security office.