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OPD Alert of Increased Thefts from Parked Cars

July 12, 2016

The Oberlin Police Department has shared one of their property crime alerts, below, sharing information of trends or spikes in property crimes within the City of Oberlin. OC Safety and Security has not received similar reports on campus to date, but join Oberlin Police Department in recommending you check your parked vehicle often while residing on campus, and observe the prevention information that Oberlin Police Department shares:

Since last week, Oberlin Police Department reports there has been an increase of thefts from vehicles in the city. To deter theft from parked vehicles, please follow the listed prevention tips.

☼ never leave personal items in plain view. Move them to the trunk or better yet, take them from the vehicle,

☼ don’t leave mounts or power cords in view. It invites thieves to break in and look for the electronic device,

☼ never leave your vehicle running and unattended, even for short periods of time,

☼ always lock your vehicle, set the alarm and use anti-theft devices,

☼ park in areas with good lighting or better yet, where there are surveillance systems in place,

☼ when shopping, lock parcels and other valuable property in the trunk,

☼ roll up windows up tightly.

Report suspicious persons in or around vehicles promptly to the Oberlin Police Department (440) 774-1061.