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Be Alert to Bike Theft!

June 30, 2016

The City of Oberlin and Oberlin College both have experienced an unusual number of bike thefts daily over the past 10 days. Be alert and protect your bike.

  • Choose the best lock and cable you can.
  • Cable through both wheels and frame. Secure it to an immovable bike rack.
  • Choose a location where people may see someone tampering with bikes and report them.
  • Keep a record of your bike and serial number. Oberlin and Oberlin College will register your bike for free so it can be returned if found.
  • You may store your bike in your room, as long as you don’t block exits.
  • Report anyone looking over bikes, carrying bolt cutters—they look like hedge clippers—or taking bikes immediately to Safety and Security at 440-775-8444. Note the description and direction of travel of the people involved.