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Water Outage for Tank, 100, 108, and 120 E. College St. 3/9/2016

March 9, 2016

The water main servicing the buildings of Tank Hall along with 100, 108 and 120 E. College St., has been shut off for REPAIRS today. Due to the fact that the water main will lose all water pressure during the repair period, a BOIL THE DRINKING WATER ADVISORY will be in effect when water service is restored. The advisory will be for the listed buildings only since they are served by the water mains which were without pressure and subject to contamination.

Per this notice and per the guidelines established by the Ohio EPA, you are advised that when you use water from the buildings’ taps for human consumption, you should comply with the boil advisory. Examples include drinking, cooking, making ice, dish washing and dental hygiene. To comply, you are asked to boil the tap water to insure safe water by heat purification. The water should first be strained through tightly woven cloth into a container to remove any sediment or floating matter. After straining, boil the water vigorously for 15 minutes. Then allow the water to cool before using.

After the water main has been repaired and flushed, samples for microbiological testing will be collected. Test procedures will require a time period of 24 hours or longer. Two consecutive samples must be “Total Coliform” (bacteria) free. If “Total Coliform” (bacteria) is detected, the boil advisory will continue until all water analyses are satisfactory.

An End of Boil Advisory Notice will be issued as soon as tests indicate that the water is safe to drink.