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May Day Switchboard Celebration

April 29, 2015

On April 30, 2015, we are celebrating our first year of the Oberlin Switchboard. On that day, our goal is to have 100 new Offers added to Switchboard, specifically, Offers to talk about three things a current student is interested in discussing with others. Ideally, we would like the majority of these posts to come from graduating seniors.

May Day is a spring festival celebrated on the first of May and it marks the beginning of the last month of school, and for a quarter of our campus community, it also marks their last month at Oberlin. Colloquially, the phrase “Mayday” is usually uttered in an emergency situation, and originates from the French m’aidez, which translates to “Help me!” Following our 100 Offers on April 30, the Oberlin community will swoop in on May 1 and take up every Offer to chat posted on the Oberlin Switchboard.