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The Cure Starts Now - Interdepartmental Penny Wars

April 2, 2015

All departments are invited to compete in a Penny Wars battle to raise money for the Lauren Hill Tribute Fund of the Cure Starts Now Foundation, a charity that funds pediatric brain cancer research. Lauren Hill is a basketball player at Mount St. Joseph University who has brain cancer. She was recently in the media for a preseason game against Hiram College (a school in our own athletic conference), which was organized specially to give her a chance to play while her team knew she still could.

The winning department will be rewarded with an ice cream social provided by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, not to mention bragging rights that your department is the best department. This fundraiser is also taking place on every campus in the North Coast Athletic Conference, so every donation represents Oberlin College.

The Rules:

Coins (or fractions of a dollar) donated count in favor of a department of your choice.

Full dollar amounts donated count against a department of your choice.

Departments are competing on a per capita basis, including majors, faculty, and staff.

Represent your department. Show everyone whose department can do the most for this cause. Volunteers will be collecting all week in the following locations: the Conservatory lounge, Mudd Center library, Wilder Hall, the Science Center Commons, and Philips Gymnasium.