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NEW Ink and Toner Cartridge Recycling Program

Dec. 16, 2014

It is with great excitement on behalf of the Office of Environmental Sustainability that we share some important information about a new program that has been implemented! In the interest of furthering Oberlin's commitment to sustainability and in the absence of a campus-wide ink cartridge recycling program, we have just launched a recycling program through the supplier of the workstation printers on campus (Konica Minolta).

A few weeks ago, boxes were placed in most academic/administrative buildings for collection of all empty Konica Minolta ink and toner cartridges, according to the detailed instructions that administrative assistants and building managers provided last semester. A list of those locations is at the end of this memo. Cartridges for desktop printers and non-Konica products are not accepted by the program.

We are hoping that building managers will check the box every so often and email the Resource Conservation Team (recycle@oberlin.edu) when it is full. At that point, the RCT will pick up the full box and mail it back to the company. During this time, your building will be without a box until a new one is mailed to Sustainability and then brought to your building by the RCT. We do not expect a box to fill up more than once or twice per semester. Instructions are posted on the box, as well.

Please feel free to contact Julienne Pasichow (jpasicho@oberlin.edu) with any questions.

Recycling Box Locations:

Peters: East side of the basement near the department mailboxes against the wall.

Service Building: Facilities Operations on the first floor.

Rice: In the basement next to the mailboxes (north end of the building).

Conservatory: Annex printer room, next to the other recycling bins.

Stevenson: Phone cubby in the middle hallway of Stevenson.

Science Center: Next to the recycling station just outside of Dye Lecture Hall (A162).

Mudd: A-level lobby across from the Tech Store, next to the other recycling bins

Carnegie: In the lobby, next to the other recycling bins under the Geology display case.