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Residential Recycling Service Suspended

March 19, 2014

Due to the 2/15/2014 fire at the city's Public Works Complex, curbside residential recycling service has been suspended until alternative vehicles can be obtained.

Any recyclables that are put out for collection will be collected with the garbage and land filled.

Alternatively, Oberlin residents can drop-off their recyclable items at Republic Services’ Recycling Center located at 43650 Oberlin Elyria Road, Monday–Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. and Saturday 8 AM-Noon. These items include plastic – food, beverage, detergent and soap containers #1 through #7; carton containers (milk, juice, wine, etc.); aluminum, steel and bimetal food and beverage cans; glass food and beverage containers; mixed papers and cardboard.

The green & yellow Paper Retriever Bins located throughout Oberlin also accept mixed paper including newspapers, inserts, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, office or school papers (including window envelopes and staples), soft cover/paperback books, phone books and workbooks, shredded paper (bagged in paper or plastic bag). Broken down cardboard with packing contents removed is accepted at specially marked bins. Please consider using the Paper Retriever bins and support the sponsoring organization (schools, churches, etc.) which earns monthly revenue from the paper collected.

The city continues to explore options to reinstitute recycling services. The city has rented two trucks to collect garbage for all commercial and residential customers on schedule.