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College Lifts Ban on Coca-Cola Products

Feb. 6, 2014

In 2004, Oberlin College halted the sale of Coca-Cola products on its campus because of allegations related to Coca-Cola's business practices in Colombia, specifically complicity in alleged anti-union violence.

Based on a careful review of Coca-Cola’s current business practices, including an independent assessment by the International Labour Organization—and with input from a wide range of voices, including the college's senior leadership team, board leaders, and the Anti-Sweatshop Purchasing Committee—the college has determined that the ban on the sale of Coca-Cola products is no longer warranted.

As a result, the on-campus sale of Coca-Cola products will be permitted beginning in the spring of 2014. The college will continue to closely monitor Coca-Cola's business practices on a regular basis and will review its association accordingly.