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Special Alert: Exceptional Health Risk from Heroin circulating in County

Nov. 11, 2013

To: The Oberlin College Community

From: Marjorie Burton, Director Oberlin College Safety and security Office

Date: November 11, 2013

From time to time serious crimes or safety issues are reported in the City of Oberlin and the surrounding communities of Lorain County. In the past week there have been approximately 21 reported overdoses and three deaths from heroin use in Lorain County, including in the nearby cities of Amherst and Elyria. These tragic incidents stem from the use of what Lorain County Coroner Dr. Stephen Evans describes as an “extraordinarily dangerous batch of heroin circulating through Lorain County.” Safety and Security is sharing this information with students and employees to keep them apprised of events in their community related to personal safety. Information is provided below for anyone who may be concerned about this issue or concerned about use by friends or family members.

Please be aware of the following information:
• Some symptoms of overdose for those using heroin include shallow or difficulty in breathing, extremely small eye pupils, low blood pressure and weak pulse, bluish nails and lips, disorientation, drowsiness, delirium, and coma.

• Heroin overdose is a medical emergency; call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance. Minutes are essential to saving a life. Additionally, you may contact the officer of Safety and Security on campus at (440) 775-8444 to assist in the response.

• Resources for information and assistance, in addition to Oberlin College Student Health Services (440-775-8180) for students, include: • LCADA (Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services). The 24-hour Crisis and Information Help Line number is (440) 277-8190 and assists in providing help for one’s self or loved-one. < http://www.lcada.com/> • The Official Heroin Hotline (source MSNBC) Help for Life 1-866-788-5707. Callers may remain anonymous. • The Oberlin Police Department can be reached directly at 85 South Main Street, or by phone at (440) 774-1061 for concerns or information. The Safety and Security staff also supports members of our community who contact our office with their concerns, but who live off campus. We can assist in making contacts with the Oberlin Police Department, or other pertinent authority.