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Parking Enforcement

Sept. 18, 2013

This message is a reminder that Safety and Security has started the ticketing process for parking rules violations across campus. Due to some delays in getting faculty and staff permits to those who have registered their vehicles, enforcement will begin in earnest on Friday. Please make sure you are parked in the proper lot. Also, park in a designated parking space being careful not to park in Fire Lanes or other areas not clearly marked as parking spaces. Areas designated as Fire Lanes may be enforced by Security Officers, city police officers, or city firefighters. Remember that hash marks adjacent to handicapped parking spaces are part of the handicapped space. Vehicles parked on these hash marks are subject to ticketing by Security Officers as well as the city police officers. Additionally, be mindful of and honor reserved spaces.

All parking permits that have been requested, either on paper or on line, were sent out on Friday, September 13th. We ask that if you have not received your permit that you check with your office’s AA. If your office does not have your permit, please check with our office but do not re-register on line or on paper.

If you have received your permit, place it on the inside rear view mirror so that it faces out through the windshield. If it is a renewal, remove the old sticker first then place the new sticker on the mirror. The blue colored permits have expired and are not valid.

If you have not registered your vehicle please do so as soon as you can. Your first two vehicle registrations are without charge and may be obtained either at the Security Office or online.

Finally, some parking lots may have a reduced number of parking spaces because of construction projects. Please be aware of these temporary reductions in the number of parking spaces available.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.