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Apple blocks Java plug-in, creates Banner incompatibility

Jan. 31, 2013

At the present time, Banner users working on Macintosh computers running Mac OS 10.6 or higher are unable to use Banner. Banner requires use of the Safari web browser and requires Java version 6. A later version of Java is recommended for security reasons, but, since Banner will not function with it, we have had to keep computers for Banner users at Java version 6 until final resolution is worked out amongst various companies involved (Ellucian for Banner, Oracle for Java, and Apple for Macintosh computers and Safari).

As of today, 31 January 2013, Apple, via their behind-the-scenes, automatically-updated, Xprotect anti-malware feature, has blocked the Java browser plug-in for version 7 Update 11, and any older versions, due to those versions being considered non-secure. Oracle, who develops Java, has not yet issued a newer, fixed, version of Java, and there is, as of yet, no corresponding work-around to take Banner users back to Java version 6.