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Men's Locker Room Renovation - Faculty/Staff

May 22, 2012

In response to some concerns for locker room accessibility this summer, we have been able to shift some of our varsity teams to produce some space for those of you that will be displaced for the summer. The men's basketball and swimming locker rooms will be cleared out no later than 5pm on Wednesday, May 30th. On Thursday, May 31st, we will change the locker room codes (See the Equipment Room for the code) so the faculty/staff can have some day lockers to use. Since the number of lockers will be less than what we currently have in the faculty/staff area, these lockers are only to be used only as day lockers. That means you cannot leave a lock on the locker when you are not in the building.

We also have a few more lockers just outside of the showers that can be used by all recreation center users.

If you have any questions, please let me know. As a reminder, all of your items need to be out of your lockers by the end of the month so we can start demolition as soon as possible.

Michael P. Snyder
Assistant Director of Athletics for Internal Operations
Phone: 440-775-8519