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Annual Campus Bike Collection Set for Tues May22 through Thurs May 24

May 18, 2012

Safety and Security (S&S) will collect disabled, unlocked, unregistered, and / or abandoned bikes found on campus in preparation for upcoming activities. Please license your bike, park it in a bike rack displaying its city registration sticker (and secured with a cable and lock) as an increase in bike thefts is likely to occur at this time of year. Safeguard your bike by proper storage and registeration!

If you are leaving for the summer, store your bike or take advantage of storage options and bike sitters advertised in Oberlin Classifieds. S&S will remove bikes obviously not in working order and with multiple missing parts, those secured to railings and posts or blocking walkways instead of parked in bike racks, and those obviously not in use. If you are concerned your bike will be erroneosly collected because of special circumstances, report your concern, or pick up an "In Use" ribbon from S&S, or check with our department for listed bikes from our collection period. Do not assume Security has collected your bike--check and report your bike if lost.

Contact Safety and Security, 159 West Lorain, 440-775-8444 for questions or registration information, or email dave.bender@oberlin.edu