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Faculty and Staff: Encourage Seniors to Take Part in the Senior Symposium

March 7, 2012

The Office of the Dean of Studies urges faculty and staff members to encourage graduating seniors and fifth-years to present their scholarly and artistic achievements during the 2011-12 Senior Symposium. Students must submit proposal forms, available here, including an abstract and short biography, by Friday, March 16. Departments may consider coordinating the symposium with existing programming of senior or honors presentations, either by holding their event on the same day, or by encouraging their seniors and honors students to present at the symposium, at the departmental event, or both. In addition to the events scheduled for the symposium itself, the symposium program is to list other senior projects of note, including exhibits and recitals, taking place on other dates in the spring semester. Advisors are encouraged to work closely with their students as they prepare for the symposium. If you have questions about the 2012 symposium, please contact Randal Doane, assistant dean of studies, at senior.symposium@oberlin.edu.