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Dependents Attending College? Notify Human Resources

Feb. 8, 2012

Please notify the Department of Human Resources if you have any dependents who will be attending college (whether continuing or new) any time during the next five-year period.

Please click on the appropriate link below to obtain the form that you need to complete for your dependents matching the criteria listed above. Print the form, complete it, and return it to human resources or scan and e-mail the completed form to me at [jeanie.watling@oberlin.edu](mailto:jeanie.watling].

Kindly return the form(s) no later than February 29, 2012.

Administrative Assistants: http://www.oberlin.edu/HR/healthcare/download/Tuition%20-%20Admin%20Assts.pdf

Faculty & A&PS: http://www.oberlin.edu/HR/healthcare/download/Tuition%20-%20Faculty%20and%20A&PS.pdf